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Introduction to 'Manage Features' views

Overview of how to sort and filter views in the 'Manage Features' section of Craft.io.

Craft.io offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that gives you everything you need to manage and control important product-related decisions. Our views are unified and convenient, giving you a clear understanding of how to navigate the platform and add new items from anywhere.

Our Manage Features section is where you do your core product work. It has a single data structure based on your product hierarchy and allows you to switch seamlessly between different views based on what you are trying to achieve.

Prioritize Views

Craft.io offers the following views, detailed in the linked articles below:

  • The Table View - Provides spreadsheet functionality that allows to you arrange your view in the best order and update values inline. 
  • The Kanban View - A Kanban board, great for setting up and managing backlog Sprints and Workflows. 
  • The Timeline View - This is a dependencies view, which allows you to visually define and track the relationship between tasks. 

Group Your View using the 'Group by'  filter

With all views, you can organize your product items in the following groups;

  • Completion Status: Group items by status: Not started, In progress, Completed. In conjunction with 'Completion Status', you can then filter by teams to get a clear picture of your team’s performance.
  • Created By: Group by Author.
  • Section: Group by Section. In this view, you can drag and drop Features between Sections.
  • Feature: Group by Features.
  • Objective: Group by a roadmap's Objectives.
  • Importance: Group by items’ importance.
  • Key result: Group by a roadmap's Key Results.
  • Item Type: Group by item types. Here you can drag and drop same level items to change their type.
  • Parent: Group all Sub-Features by their parent.
  • Release: Group by roadmap Releases.
  • Sprint: Group by Backlog Sprints. Here you can drag and drop Features between Sprints.
  • Teams: Group by Teams.
  • Team members: Group by specific team members.
  • Workflow: Group by workflow statuses, either by team or an individual member. Once the filter loads, you can drag and drop items between statuses.

Sort Your View

With all views, you can sort your product items by practically any available field and component, including custom fields. You can sort your view by using the Sort-by drop-down menu to select a specific field. Switch from ascending to descending order by clicking on the small arrow on the left.

Filter Your View

Craft.io offers powerful searching and filtering throughout the product. You can search and filter with tens of available modifiers and see instant results in any workspace. You can also export the results to a CSV file.  Learn more about Filters and Search Tools here


Tip: We've set up five presets for popular views that will help you navigate your data more efficiently. To view these saved views, simply click on 'Saved Views' in the left-hand menu.

You can keep these presets if they work for you, or edit them by simply changing the view filters – the updated Saved View will save automatically.