The Table view is a view with spreadsheet capabilities. Our users tell us they use this view mostly for planning and prioritization decisions.

Selecting Columns

You can add or remove columns using the Columns selector: 

Reordering the Columns

You can change columns order by moving them right or left. Click on column header and select to move right or left from the dropdown menu.

Resizing Column Widths

You can resize your column widths by hovering over the column header and dragging and dropping the blue line right or left.

Sorting Columns

With Table view you can sort your view by any column in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header and select a sorting option from dropdown menu.

Adding Custom Fields

You can also add your own custom fields and select them as one of your view columns. Custom fields can be added from your Product Settings or directly from the Table view by clicking the + sign at the upper right side;

For more about managing Custom Fields look Here

Inline Editing and Batch Actions

The Table workspace allows you to set actions and edit values in two ways:

  • Inline per item - All values on each line are editable on click, this includes the feature title, different properties and assignments, for example- update Importance on click:

  • Applying values to multiple items - When selecting multiple features, you’ll see’s multi-action bar at the bottom of the page. This bar allows you to perform bulk actions such as: release, duplicate, delete, assign values and more. For example moving 3 features from Sprint 2 to Sprint 3:

You can also view the statistics of selected features:

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