subscriptions are managed by the owner from the owner account. The account owner is the one who initially creates a new product in and subscribed to the service.

All subscription and license-related activities are managed from the owner account, this including: 

  • Subscribing and unsubscribing 
  • Selecting and updating your pricing plan 
  • Watching your current app usage and your next charge amount 
  • Updating credit card details
  • Removing users from the account

From the User menu at the lower left, select Account Settings:

You can use the Upgrade button to upgrade from a free trial to a paid account, or from an Essential to a Pro plan. (For more on our pricing offers, see:

You will be charged according to the selected plan and your current usage. To remove a user from the account, click the Remove button, which you can see by hovering over the username:

Note: Users are added to the account by an invitation to one of the account products. For more information about inviting and managing users look Here

To see a list of Products under the account, switch to the Products tab:

To update your personal data, reset your password, or export your personal data to CSV, switch to the User Profile option from the left menu:

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