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Feedback Portal and Slack integration for feedback submission (Beta) and Slack integration for feedback submission (Beta)
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At, we're committed to providing tools that streamline your product management processes and make feedback collection a breeze. This integration bridges the gap between Slack and's Feedback Portal, offering you a seamless solution for effortless feedback submission and management.

This article serves as your comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of the and Slack integration. We'll take you through the step-by-step process of connecting your Slack workspace with your Feedback Portal, enabling you to efficiently gather feedback and drive product improvements.

(*) This integration is currently a Beta grade.

Connecting Your Feedback Portal With Your Slack Workspace

To establish the integration between your Feedback Portal and your Slack workspace, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Access Feedback Portal Settings

  2. Access the Integrations Section

  3. In the Integrations section, you'll find the Slack integration option. Click on "Connect" to start the integration process

  4. After clicking "Connect," you'll be redirected to a Slack page, where you can choose the specific Slack workspace you'd like to connect with your Feedback Portal

  5. Once you've chosen your Slack workspace, you'll be redirected back to your Feedback Portal

(*) Please take note that this app is currently in beta status. You may encounter a Slack native message regarding its approval. This message does not impact the integration functionality and will be removed after the beta phase.

Multiple connections: It's important to note that you can connect the same Feedback Portal to multiple Slack workspaces. This flexibility allows you to gather feedback from various sources and Slack teams within your organization.

Additionally, you can connect a single Slack workspace to multiple Feedback Portals, enabling seamless collaboration and feedback collection across different projects or teams.

Once you've successfully connected your Slack workspace with Feedback Portal, you'll be able to view and access the app directly from your Slack Apps section.

Streamlining Feedback Submission from Slack's integration with Slack offers an efficient way to submit feedback directly from your Slack workspace to Feedback Portal, whether it's a quick message or a detailed feedback item. Here's how you can streamline the process:

1. Creating Feedback from a Message

When you come across a Slack message that contains valuable feedback, you can quickly transform it into a feedback item in Feedback Portal. Simply click on the 3 dots menu icon of the message, and from the menu choose the option to ‘Create a feedback’.

The application will launch a dialog, auto-propagating the message content into both the title (first 120 characters) and the description (full message content) of the feedback. You have the flexibility to edit the title and description before submitting the feedback, ensuring that it's concise and accurately captures the essence of the feedback.

2. Creating Feedback from Scratch

If you wish to create feedback from scratch, simply click '/craft' in the Slack message input field and choose the application. application will open a feedback submission form where you can fill in the title and description as needed. This option is ideal when you want to provide detailed feedback or when there isn't an existing Slack message to reference.

Choosing the Desired Feedback Portal

For organizations with Slack workspaces connected to multiple Feedback Portals, you'll have the opportunity to select the appropriate portal before submitting feedback. This feature ensures that your feedback is directed to the correct project or team, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Confirmation Message in Slack

After successfully submitting feedback, you will receive a confirmation message in Slack. This message includes vital details about the feedback submission, providing transparency and reference for both the submitter and team members. It also provides a link to the feedback item within the feedback portal, so registered portal members can further explore and manage their feedback from there.

Inclusivity for Registered and Non-Registered Users

It's important to note that the integration caters to both registered and non-registered users of the Feedback Portal. This inclusivity ensures that anyone within your organization, regardless of their access, can contribute to the feedback process effortlessly, fostering collaboration and open communication.


By streamlining feedback submission through Slack, simplifies the process of capturing valuable input from team members and stakeholders, even if they aren't always within the platform. This integration promotes efficient feedback collection and enhances the collaboration between your Slack conversations and's robust product management tools.

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