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Importing Feedback Items From CSV

Import your existing feedback items into’s Feedback Portal

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Whether your Feedback Portal is shared with your end customer or with specific teams within your organization, Feedback Portal helps you stay on top of your customers’ most vital needs. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows teams to generate customer-focused ideas based on feedback sourced both internally and externally.

If your feedback is collected elsewhere and you want to use to centralize it, or you want to add to historical feedback that was collected, you can upload existing feedback items to the Portal.

1. Prepare your feedback file supports importing feedback consisting of 3 main properties:

Feedback title (Mandatory), Description and Labels (optional). Before you start importing, let’s prepare the file to achieve the best results.

  1. Make sure your feedback columns have a header (e.g ‘Feedback title’, ‘Description’ etc…)

  2. ‘Feedback title’ is a mandatory field. Make sure that the ‘Feedback title’ column has values for all the rows.

  3. supports importing multiple labels per feedback item. To do so, separate the values by a comma (e.g. Label1, Label2 ….)

  4. Save the file in a CSV format


2. Import your feedback


Admin & account owner roles are the only roles who have permission to import feedback.

CSV file should not contain a header (general header for file)

To start importing your feedback data, follow the steps listed below-

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations and press the ‘Import’ button on the ‘CSV import’ row

  2. Select the workspace in which this feedback batch will be associated with.

  3. Upload the CSV file you prepared by either dragging & dropping or by pressing ‘Select CSV’ to select your file.

4. For each of the columns (Feedback Title, Description and Labels), select the title from the drop-down menu to map to the respective column in the imported CSV and press the “Import” button.

Fields will be mapped automatically if the column header name contains Title/Description/Label

5. Review import results. If for any reason feedback items failed to import, you can download the log file to identify which items failed and why.

Press “View feedback items” to view items imported in the portal.


Each feedback item imported will receive a label of ‘import date & time’ (E.g “CSV import Jan 19, 2022 09:30 AM” ) so you can easily locate it later.

All feedback Items will be imported to the category “Imported from CSV”

3. View imported feedback

Clicking on ‘View feedback items’ - you will be redirected to the “Imported items CSV” category. Automatically, a label assigned to imported items will be applied, for example “CSV import Jan 19, 2022 09:30 AM”, so you can view only this specific import.

4. Import - Follow up actions

You can continue managing the imported items by assigning additional labels to them, connecting them to existing work items in, or promoting imported feedback items to work items in platform.

Additionally, you can perform bulk actions to move feedback items to a different category and change their status.

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