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Feedback Portal main page

Learn what type of actions can be performed in the portal's main page.

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When reviewing feedback that was submitted by users, you can find the most important data for each feedback item on the main page of the Feedback Portal.

Each feedback card shows its attachments, comments, and connected items, so that it’s easier to track how incoming feedback is handled, both in terms of communicating it back to the customers, and in terms of connecting it to new or existing items.

Most actions on feedback items can be performed from the main page - clicking on the 'Details' button on the right corner of each item, will take you to the editing mode, where you'll be able to edit the status, connect to items, comment, and more.

The feedback cards can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on "Show more" / "Show less" in a way that enables more feedback items to be displayed on the same screen together.

Feedback Multi-Select

From the main page, you can select multiple feedback items and perform bulk actions on them.

To perform a bulk action on a few items, check the boxes to the left of the items.

This will open the bottom toolbar where you can perform actions such as moving them to a new category, changing their status, archiving them, and more.

Feedback Sorting

You can also sort your feedback items from the main page: sort by status, number of connected items, number of votes, and more. For example, you can easily surface any feedback items that aren’t yet connected to items, by selecting Sort by -> Number of connected items, and then clicking on the little arrow to the left of the sorting drop-down, to select ascending or descending order.

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