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How to promote a Feedback item to a backlog Feature
How to promote a Feedback item to a backlog Feature

The full journey of an item from the feedback portal all the way to becoming a ticket in your favorite dev tool.

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After setting up your feedback portal and inviting users to it, and once your users will start submitting their feedback, your next step as one of the admins of the portal should be to start managing your feedback.

In order to manage any feedback item, click on the item's title to open it.

Once you're inside the item, you can edit the "Status", "Internal status" and "Importance" fields, as well as add Labels, comment on the item or add internal notes to it.

If you decide that this feedback item is important enough, you will most likely want to have visibility of it within the workspace and connect it to your product's development process.

In many cases, feedback is given on existing features, and therefore should be connected to them using the “connect to item” button. When feedback is connected to an item, it’s visible in the workspace and can (and should!) be used when making product decisions. In order to connect feedback to an item within the workspace, click on the 3 dots button on the top right corner of the feedback and select "connect to item" from the drop-down menu.

You will them need to select the relevant feature or epic you would like to connect the feedback to.

However, sometimes the feedback is an idea for a new feature that wasn’t yet added to In these cases, you have the option to promote the feedback to a feature (or epic) directly from the Feedback Portal. From the 3 dots menu, click on “promote to an item”, and select the location (under which product or epic you would like to create the new item).

A new item will then be created in app with the details of the feedback. The feedback will be then connected to the newly created item, and can be found in the "Feedback" tab inside the item's properties panel.

After you add the specifications and edit all the relevant details in Craft (such as Assignee, Status, Sprint etc.), and once you decide you'd like to move this item to development - you can easily sync it to your dev tool (such as Jira or Azure Devops) directly from the properties panel, by going to your Jira/Azure Devops tab and clicking on "Sync Item".

Then, once the item is synced, you'll have a link to corresponding ticket in Jira/Azure Devops, and you will be able to see inside the status of the ticket at all times, as it will be automatically updated in the workspace.

Once the item is ready, you could go back to the Feedback portal and change the status of the feedback to "Done" which will send an automatic email notification to the user who submitted the feedback, and this way he will know that his feedback has been deployed into the product.

Here's a short video to show you the full journey of a feedback item:

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