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The actions that can be performed with the item's 3 dots menu.

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The 3 dots menu adds more functionality and actions performed at the item level.
To open the menu, hover over the item's title and click on the 3 dots icon on the left:

The following details the different actions that can be performed from the 3 dots menu:

  • Attach File – Attach one or more files to your item

  • Add Related Item – Add links to related items (blocks, blocked by, related). For more about dependencies see our Timeline View article.

  • Move to Product/Epic - Move the item under a different Epic (in case of Feature) or under a different Product (in case of Epic), by selecting the relevant Product/Epic from the drop-down list.

  • History – Review all changes made to an item and revert changes if desired. Use the left and right arrows to move back and forward and click 'Revert' to set the desired version.

  • Share Item – Share the item with external viewers using LiveShare links. Learn more about LiveShare here.

  • Delete – Delete Item. Note: this can not be undone.

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