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LiveShare allows you to share properties and views that are managed in with stakeholders that do not have access to the platform

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While is the space for Product Managers to ideate, write specifications, collaborate and make informed decisions before proceeding to actual development work, there are many cases where a Product Manager is asked to share what s/he is working on.

In, you can share any part of your workspace with users that don't have access to the platform. Whether it's sharing a roadmap externally with customers or with senior management who wants to get a high-level view of your future plans, you can generate a unique link that can be shared with the relevant group of people.

You can create and manage ‘Read-only’ LiveShare links for views such as the Roadmap, Capacity planning, Kanban View, etc., or to specific items (Epics, features, etc.).
Every change made in will be reflected in the links that you share, keeping everyone up to date with your latest work.

Generating a LiveShare link

When clicking on the Share button (in the top right corner of the view you are on), there are two configurable options:

  1. Limited Share- When the toggle is turned on, viewers can only see items displayed in the initial view without gaining access to filters and the item property panel. This is mostly recommended when sharing outside the organization.

  2. Password protection- To ensure your data is protected each link can be set with a password. Enter a password, and then click 'save & refresh' to update the link configuration.

Simply click on the 'Copy link' button and send it over via email or chat to the relevant target audience. The people you share it with don't necessarily need to have a user in order to see the view you shared (you can basically share views with anyone you want). They will get a "Read-only" version of your view, and will not be able to change or edit anything (unless they have a user and are invited to your workspace). However, the link you share is dynamic and will be updated based on your most recent work.

Which properties and views are shareable?

The following properties and views can be shared:

  • Workspace views- Whether you're in the strategic inputs section or planning your team's capacity, any workspace view can be shared.
    The same goes for personal views.

  • Individual items- individual items can be shared by clicking on the three dots menu next to the title and selecting 'Share item externally'. This is applicable for strategic artifacts and individual work items.

Managing Your LiveShare Links

LiveShare links are fully manageable.
To manage your LiveShare links, select 'Manage Shared Links' from any Share menu:

The links that you created are listed, including the following information:

  • View title - with the ability to rename a certain link you shared, by hovering over the view title and clicking on the pencil icon in order to edit it.

  • A clickable link URL

  • Created date

  • Copy button

  • Revoke button

Important note: The LiveShare option is only available to Pro/Enterprise plan subscribers.

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