Perhaps the biggest advantage of is that it provides a space for a team to collaborate and keep track of everything, all in one place. To help achieve this, you can use’s Talk tool.

With the Talk tool, you can mention (tag) a team or members inside your messages and read the message history of every story. The Talk and Activity Panel aggregates all chats and activities around a product in one place, with the newest on top - providing fast access to your most talked about stories.     

Commenting on a Story

You can add a comment on a specific story and open a discussion with the team. Mentioning teams or members throughout the chat using ‘@’ will send them a notification by email; 

Tip: The number next to the Talk icon at the story panel represents the number of messages sent for this story;

Click on it to view messages history and reply. Messages can be edited and deleted according to user-specific permissions.

The Talk and Activity Panel

The Talk and Activity Panel combines everything for you in one location. It offers a great way to see all the messages you have in your product, with the newest message on top.

To open the panel, select Talk and Activity from the navigation bar:

You can choose to include activities and view your activity log as part of the message stream. 

You can filter messages in the panel for:

  • All – To show all messages and activity around the product.
  • My Team – To show only messages where my team was mentioned.
  • Me – To show only messages where I was mentioned.

Clicking a story from the list will open it in full edit mode, showing story messages’ history and letting you reply to the specific comment;

A common use case would be to enter the Talk and Activity panel before anything else, see all discussions and activity throughout the product, and answer all comments.

Tip: The red mark on top of the Talk icon indicates that you have new unread comments waiting for you!

Message Previews

Recent messages will appear in the Editor workspace for preview. As you read and scroll between different Epics, the last unread messages are listed next to the relevant story. You can click on it to see message history and reply.

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