The Kanban view is a column view with Kanban behavior. You can use this to view all your items as cards, and easily drag items between columns. Among other grouping options, the Kanban view is a great layout for both sprint planning and workflow management.

Common Kanban Use cases

Grouping by Sprints (Backlog) 

You can use Backlog grouping for sprint management. 

  • Use the New button at the upper right to add a new Sprint

  • You can move tasks from backlog to sprints, and move items between sprints;

Tip: With 'Custom (Drag & Drop)' Sorting selected, you can change the order of the cards inside their own column, in addition to dragging and dropping them between columns.

  • You can check Sprint statistics using the graph icon;

  • Releasing a sprint from the 3 dots menu:

Note: When releasing a sprint you will be prompted to decide where to send incomplete tasks, if any exist. 

Tip: To view past sprints and their released stories, make sure to filter by "Item Status: All".

Grouping by Workflow

We’ve made flexible and customizable, so that each team that works on a product can set their own workflow and work by it. The default workflow per team is To Do -> In Progress -> Done, but you rename, delete and add as many steps/statuses as you want to your team’s workflow and rename these as you see fit. 

Depending on the way your team works, a workflow can also set the maximum items per column using Max Items from the 3 dots menu.

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