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Using the Kanban View

Learn how to make the most of the Kanban View.

The Kanban view is a column view with Kanban behavior. You can use this to view all your items as cards, and easily drag items between columns. Among other grouping options, the Kanban view is a great layout for both sprint planning and workflow management.

Check out the two use cases below: Grouping by Sprints and Grouping by Workflow.

Grouping by Sprints 

You can use Sprint grouping for sprint management. Refer to the tips below:

  • Select 'Group by: Sprints' in the filter toolbar. 
  • Create a new Sprint by clicking the blue '+' button in the top right toolbar. 
  • To activate the drag and drop capability, select 'Sort by: Custom (Drag & Drop)' in the filter toolbar. You can now move tasks from backlog to sprints and move items between sprints by changing the order of the cards inside their own column, in addition to dragging and dropping them between columns.

  • You can also check Sprint statistics by clicking on the graph icon below each Sprint column;
  • To mark a Sprint as deployed, you can click on the three-dot icon at the top of a Sprint column and click to open the menu, then click "Release":kanban3

Note: When releasing a Sprint you will be prompted to decide where to send incomplete tasks if any exist. 

  • To view past Sprints and their deployed Features, click on the Filters button, then click the '+ Add Filter' button and select 'Item Status'. You can now view all open items, or toggle the new filter to view just the released items.  

Vew by Released

Grouping by Workflow

We’ve made Craft.io flexible and customizable so that each team working on a product can set their own workflow. The default workflow per team is To Do > In Progress > Done, but you rename, delete and add as many steps/statuses as you want to your team’s workflow and rename these as you see fit. 

  • Select 'Group by: Workflow' in the filter toolbar. 
  • To add a new workflow step, hover in between the columns and click on the '+'. A new column will open up: type in the name for this new workflow step and you're good to go.

  • You can delete or move the workflow columns left/right by clicking on the three-dot icon which appears beneath the column title.
  • The same menu from the three-dot icon will also allow you to set a maximum number of items per column if this suits the way your team works.