The Feedback view

With feedback management system, you can boost your product development by:

  • Priority validation - Have a link to the relevant feedback that drove  a prioritization for a specific item
  • Get inspiration for future releases - Have an insight to what are the most requested changes
  • Advocate the customer voice to get the entire company in sync - Have a clear understanding of the customer voice - cross company
  • Present designers and developers the bigger picture, throughout the related feedback to the items they are working on

The feedback view is where you keep all of your customer feedback arranged in customizable categories and ready to be associated with your items. 

It consists out of 3 main panels:

The left panel - all the main categories for classifying the feedback you get

The center panel - the subcategories, related to the main categories that group the common feedback together

The right panel - the feedback items themselves, related to the chosen subcategory

How do you get the feedback into Craft? Easy!

You have 3 options to get the feedback into your product:

1. Sync with Intercom - To learn more on how to sync your feedback conversations from Intercom into Craft, click here.

2.  Share a link to a feedback form with you users and stakeholders. 

To learn more, click here

3. Add a feedback manually. 

To learn more, click here

What else can you do with your feedback? A lot!

Link to items

  • Select the subcategory you want to link
  • Click Link to
  • Choose or create the item you want to link to (User stories, Requirements, Tasks, Bugs and Improvements)

And that’s it, all the new feedback items that are related to the subcategory, will also be connected with your item. In the item itself, you can read the linked feedback by going into the in the related feedback panel

Talk with all the people who added a feedback on a specific subject

When you’ve linked a subcategory to one of the items, and you’ve started to working on implementation, you have the ability to send an email to all the related feedback providers where you can share with them some design and functionality ideas, or even write a thank you note when releasing the item into production

From within the feedback view:

  • Click on the checkmark near the category
  • Click on the Send Email button and you’re good to go.

From within the Item view:

  • Go to the linked feedback section
  • Next to the relevant subcategory, click on the 3 dots menu and click the send email button and you’re done

Mark important items to appear on top

Not all feedback created the same. Put the most important feedback on top by clicking on the star next to the feedback item.


  • State of the items - you can choose between all feedback items, linked, released and unlinked
  • Date range - setting the start and end dates to filter the entire view
  • Feedback source - to show items from specific sources only
  • State of the items - you can choose between all feedback items, linked, released and unlinked 


Clicking on the “Count” and “Last Feedback” you can toggle between the sort states

Manually reassigning feedback items to multiple categories and subcategories

To learn more, click here

Want to learn more? We got you covered

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