Public feedback form

Using Craft you have an option to provide your users and stakeholders to add feedback about your product.

Share the link to the public feedback form

1. Click on the copy icon in the Public Feedback Form module, or manually select and copy the link address

2. Share the link to your users/stakeholders (send manually or add it to your product)

The feedback form

Once opening the link, the users will see a simple feedback form where they can add their feedback.

All the fields in the form are mandatory, to make sure that you will get quality feedback.
Once filling the personal details and the feedback, the user will have to select at least one category to categorize the provided feedback

The listed categories in the form are the feedback categories that were defined in your product.
After the feedback is sent, it will appear in the General subcategory in the selected categories from the Feedback form.

For more info about how to change the feedback item categorization and to specify a different subcategory for the feedback item click here

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