Using Personas

Learn how to create and utilize Personas

A Persona is a fictional character created to represent the different user types that might use your product in a similar way. Each Persona you create represents a user type with different needs and usage habits.

When creating Personas in, you have predefined categories that can be edited, in addition to the option to add custom categories.


Picture - add a picture of your fictional character.
Job -
what is the job title of your persona? (mandatory setting)
Name -
what is the fictional name of the persona?
Age -
how old is the persona?
Gender -
what gender is the persona?
Pain -
what are the pain points of the persona?
Behavior -
how does the persona deal with the pain points?
Demographic -
what is the demographic profile of the persona?
Needs & Goals -
what are the needs and goals of the persona?
+Category button - add additional categories that your persona might require.

Creating Personas

  1. From the Navigation bar click Discover, from the Discover menu select Strategic Insights and then Personas. 
  2. Click the '+ New Item' sign under the Personas section.

  3. Enter the relevant descriptive information for the Persona, based on pre-defined categories, or add your own custom category.

  4. Click Cancel to delete the Persona or Done to Save the Persona.

Assigning Personas to a User Story

You can assign a Personas to your User Stories while you are in the process of defining them.

  1. To assign Persona to a User Story, open the item right panel and find the Persona property under the Properties section:

  2. Click Select:

  3. Select a Persona from the list, or click Add Persona to add a new Persona.