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Managing your Teams

Teams are a cross-functional group of people that work together to produce and build a working, tested product. Craft.io offers product teams a place to collaborate with all teams in an organization, while ensuring that teams can still work in their native environment. Setting up teams allows you to customize specific workflows, assign tasks teams and mention them when commenting.

In Craft.ioโ€™s Team Manager you can:

  • Create, edit and delete teams
  • Invite team members to your workspace.
  • Manage user permissions.
  • Move members to other teams.

 To manage your teams in Craft.io, click on "Team Manager" on the workspace menu on the bottom left:


Creating teams in Craft.io


You can use one of the predefined teams by clicking on their symbol, or create a new team by clicking on the "+" sign at the top of the menu.


Enter the new team name, select a new team symbol, and click Save.

Deleting teams in Craft.io

To delete a team in Craft.io, click into the team, then click the pencil icon next to the team name to edit it, and then click "DELETE" on the bottom right corner of the screen:


Inviting New Users to Your Workspace

To invite a new user to your workspace select a team from the list and click +Member;


Insert the new team member's email address and click '+'. 


Select your new user role (this can be changed later) and click to invite;


You can apply one of the following roles to a team member:

  • Account Owner: This unique role is for the owner of the account as defined during the setup process of the account.
  • Workspace Owner: The top-level user of the workspace.
  • Admin: The top-level permission after the owner; the workspace administrator. Has access to workspace settings, managing custom fields and more.
  • Team Leader: The leader of the specific team.
  • Editor: A team member who can edit and collaborate.
  • Contributor: A team member who can view the workspace, provide comments, and chat with other team members.

Note: If you are on our Pro Package, Contributors are free of charge!

To finish the invitation process, Click the Invite Member button.
An invitation is sent via email and when the user accepts the invitation, they will automatically appear as part of the team.

User Permissions

The different permissions that come with each role are described in detail below.

Account Owner only permissions:

  Update credit card details Update pricing plans Add and remove workspaces Remove users from the account Set up a Feedback Portal
Account Owner โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ

All other roles permissions:


Create and delete teams

Invite new users*

Update user permissions and teams

Remove users from the workspace

Manage integrations

Workspace Owner โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Admin โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Team Leader   โœ”๏ธ      
Editor   โœ”๏ธ      
Contributor   โœ”๏ธ      

* Can only invite equal//lower permission-level users.


  • All users have read access to everything. 
  • โ€˜Contributors' can only comment, share and export data. 

Moving Members to another Team

In certain situations, you may have members that are assigned to the wrong team, or members who have moved to different teams or roles. In these situations, you can move members to other teams. 

To Move Members to Other Teams

  1. Select the relevant team member.
  2. Click the Move To icon next to the required member you want to move.
  3. Select the new team from the list.


To remove a user from a product, press the delete button. Note that the user is not removed from the Account.

Click to learn more about account management.

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