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Hide Custom & Portfolio Fields from the Item Panel
Hide Custom & Portfolio Fields from the Item Panel

Release Notes 02/07/2024

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Key Takeaways

Hide Custom & Portfolio Fields from the Item Panel

Craft allows the creation of a variety of custom fields to tailor your workflow to your specific needs. However, our item panels currently display all custom fields associated with item types, making it difficult to locate required fields and often resulting in a crowded and less efficient workspace. To enhance the experience, we now allow you to hide custom fields from item panels via workspace settings. Additionally, you can define whether a portfolio field will be displayed in the item panel. If a portfolio field is visible in the workspace, its visibility in the item panel is controlled by the workspace settings.

To customize the item panel, navigate to the Custom Fields tab in Workspace or Portfolio Settings. There, you will find a new column with a toggle labeled “Visible in Item Panel.” You can switch this toggle OFF to hide a field from the item panel across all items in the workspace for all members.

Alternatively, you can hide custom fields directly from the item panel itself. Simply hover over the custom field you want to hide, and select the "Hide field" option from the three-dot menu.

This feature ensures that fields not necessary for daily tasks do not clutter the item panel, making it cleaner and more focused.

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