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Advanced Field Mapping: Time Estimates and Date Fields
Advanced Field Mapping: Time Estimates and Date Fields

Release Notes 11/06/2024

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Key Takeaways

Time estimate field mapping now includes a default mapping for time estimates, seamlessly connecting's ‘time estimate’ field with Jira’s ‘Original Estimate’ field. This feature addresses a crucial need, ensuring that your time estimates in are accurately reflected in Jira without the risk of data loss.

The integration is designed to avoid pushing empty values from to Jira, preserving the integrity of your existing data in Jira. This enhancement streamlines your product management process, ensuring that all time estimates are consistently maintained across both platforms.

The default mapping will be automatically applied, requiring no additional actions.

Date field mapping now offers enhanced flexibility for date field mapping, allowing users to map custom date fields from ADO/Jira to's default Start and End date fields. Previously, users were restricted to default date fields, limiting the display options on the timeline. With this update, you can ensure that your timelines reflect the most accurate and relevant dates from your custom fields.

To take advantage of this feature, navigate to the Jira or ADO integration settings in The mapping screen will now present the dates field in two parts - Start date and End date - allowing separate mapping for each.

This improvement guarantees that your strategic planning and timelines in align precisely with the data in your Jira or ADO environment.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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