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Bulk Actions - Cascade Values to Descendants
Bulk Actions - Cascade Values to Descendants

Release Notes 11/06/2024

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Key Takeaways

Bulk Actions - Cascade values to descendants

With’s new bulk actions feature, you can now effortlessly apply values such as Quarter, Sprint, Importance, Objective, and more to all descendant items in your data hierarchy. Currently, these values do not inherit from higher-level items, necessitating manual selection and updates for each descendant. Now, simply select your desired values in the bulk actions dialog and enable the toggle to "Apply to items descendants", ensuring that even items not visible in the current view are updated.

For example, by selecting four epics and bulk updating them to Q’4, toggling on the "Apply to items' descendants" action will move all epics and their features and sub-features into Q’4 along with their parent epics.

This enhancement saves time, ensures data consistency, and improves group progress calculations by maintaining accurate value alignment across all related items, resulting in a more efficient and precise workflow.

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