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Progress Dashboard

Release Notes 19/06/2024

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Key Takeaways

New Progress Dashboard View

Introducing our new Progress Dashboard: a powerful view designed to visually display and track the progress of your product across Quarters, Releases, Initiatives, Objectives, and more. This dynamic view offers a high-level overview of workspace progress, allowing you to analyze data through various breakdown options. With the Progress Dashboard, you gain an interactive and insightful way to manage and communicate your product's development.

Break down your progress data by categories such as importance, item types, statuses, or team members to easily identify where your items stand and take necessary actions. To access the view, simply navigate to the "+new view" controller, select your desired grouping and breakdowns, and explore the responsive interface, allowing you to narrow down or expand your view for a more detailed analysis.

Progress Dashboard Calculation Methods

The Progress Dashboard offers flexibility in calculating progress, allowing you to choose between the “Simplified” method (item count) or the advanced "Numerical" method. This advanced approach empowers you by enabling you to select numerical fields such as Story Points or Impact, providing a precise measurement of progress.

For example, if you're viewing a specific sprint and want to know the count of items not completed to reach completion, you would use the "Simplified" method, where all items are considered equal for this use case.

Alternatively, if you want to track progress by developer assignee over a sprint, you would use the "Numerical" method to see if each developer is standing up to their estimations, as this method allows for a detailed evaluation of whether each developer is meeting their estimations.

This flexibility allows you to create a view tailored to your company's needs and methods, ensuring accurate progress tracking. To change the progress dashboard calculation open the view settings and select the progress calculation method that suites your needs.

Progress Drill Down & Analyze

Our Progress Dashboard offers a powerful breakdown feature, allowing you to analyze progress by various categories such as developer assignee, item type, importance, status, and custom selection fields. For example, you can break down progress by developer assignee to identify individual contributions and address bottlenecks.

You can drill down further into each breakdown to view a detailed table of group breakdown items. This granular view enables you to troubleshoot issues, take immediate action, and make informed decisions, ensuring your product stays on track towards success.

To drill down into a breakdown, simply hover over its title and click "Drill down" to open its item table view. Alternatively, click the dashboard pie headers to get a correlating table view of the dashboard groups and items.

Portfolio Progress Dashboard

Gain a high-level perspective with our Progress Dashboard, offering portfolio-level progress tracking. Break down progress by workspaces and various portfolio fields to understand each team's contribution to the overall company progress.

For example, you can view this quarter's objectives progress and see how each workspace is contributing to their overall completion. This comprehensive view empowers your organization and decision-makers, providing the big picture with the ability to drill down and make informed decisions, driving success at every level.

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