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Managing Strategic Inputs
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In this article, we outline how the strategic artifacts are managed in

Adding a new topic

To add a new topic to your Strategic Inputs, click on the + New Topic link at the bottom of the topics list in the left-hand column. Alternatively, you may click on the blue + button in the top-right navigation bar and select Topic to open up the selection menu.

Adding a Custom Topic

To add your own custom strategic topic to your Workspace, click the + New Topic button as before and scroll down to select Custom from the dropdown menu. Next, complete the Name and Description fields, and click '+ Item' to add new items to your Topic.

Strategic Inputs Custom Topic1

Editing a topic

To edit a topic’s name or description, select the topic from the Strategic Inputs panel on the left-hand side, then simply click on the title or the description to edit them.

Tip: Objectives and Key Results terminology can only be changed from the Workspace Settings.

Deleting a topic

To delete a topic, select the topic to delete from the Strategic Inputs panel. Click the three-dot icon to the left of the topic name in the Workspace, and click Delete.

You can also use this menu to attach relevant files to your topic, review a topic’s history, and share it with a view-only link.

Note: The following topics cannot be deleted: Objectives, Key Results, and Personas.

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