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Improved Date Management

Release Notes 08/04/2024

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Key Takeaways

Create Dateless Items recognizes the vital role item dates play in enabling product managers to effectively prioritize, plan, and visualize their data. Up until now, items had dates assigned to them by default upon creation, which has cluttered the timeline view, causing inconvenience in locating and managing items. Now, we've revamped item date management, ensuring that new items are created without dates by default. This enhancement not only enhances visual clarity but also grants users the freedom to define dates to their items as they see fit. Additionally, in response to user feedback and to enhance flexibility in date management, we've introduced the ability to clear dates from items once they've been applied. Item dates can be assigned to an individual item or in bulk. Note that items without a date will not appear in the timeline view, which is date-based.

Improved Item Addition in Timeline View

The timeline view allows for visual representation of items and deadlines, offering insights into product dependencies, resource allocation, and overall product trajectory. In this release, the timeline view has been improved, displaying only items with dates for improved clarity. Adding items is now simpler with the option to add item dates via table. Users can click 'Add item' within the timeline, then choose to add existing items or add items via dates table. This enhancement ensures a more efficient workflow and easier creation of desired views.

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