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Export Kanban, Swimlane & Table Views to PNG
Export Kanban, Swimlane & Table Views to PNG

Release Notes 09/04/2024

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Key Takeaways

Export Kanban, Swimlane & Table Views to PNG is committed to empowering you with the tools to create informative and visually captivating views and roadmaps to efficiently plan, communicate, and collaborate on your product strategies. In our latest release, we're pleased to introduce the capability to effortlessly export your Kanban, Swimlane, and Table views to PNG format. This new feature enables you to seamlessly incorporate your views and roadmaps into presentations and documents, facilitating effective sharing and communication of your progress and goals. To export your view, simply navigate to the view actions menu and select "Export to PNG”. You can also toggle for Transparent background to fit your presentation styling or White background according to your preference. To achieve a clean, visually appealing view, it's highly recommended to filter your view items and groups, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing presentation.

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