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Visual Roadmaps with Cover Images

Release Notes

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Key Takeaways

Visual Roadmaps with Cover Images

Roadmapping is a crucial part of product management, and a visually good-looking roadmap that product managers can present and share with their customers and stakeholders is of paramount importance. This feature addresses the need to effectively communicate new features and keep the audience engaged during roadmap presentations. In this release, we are pleased to introduce the Cover Image feature empowering product managers and teams to create roadmaps that not only showcase their plans but also provide a visual and intuitive understanding of what's ahead.

To support this feature, we have introduced a new field called "Cover Image" that is compatible with various item types, from initiatives to epics and features. The "Cover Image" field supports common image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF), and these cover images seamlessly integrate into various views, including kanban, swimlane, spec editor, and item panels.

To add a cover image simply enter the item panel and click on the "+ Cover Image" call-to-action. You can also select the "Cover Image" field in the Kanban/Swimlane layout to add and visualize the cover image in view cards. These cover images are fully supported in presentation mode and when sharing the view link and can be expended with a single click.

With the ability to incorporate cover images into your items, this enhancement simplifies the process of sharing your vision with customers and stakeholders. This ensures that your roadmap presentations are not only engaging and informative but also visually captivating.

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