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February 2024 Release Notes
Elevated Progress Tracking: Enhanced Precision, Numerical Calculations, and Group Progress Enhancements.
Elevated Progress Tracking: Enhanced Precision, Numerical Calculations, and Group Progress Enhancements.

Release Notes 05/02/2024

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Key Takeaways

Greater accuracy in item progress calculation streamlines the daily challenges of product managers, providing comprehensive support for product lifecycle management. Recognizing the importance of item progress tracking in a PM's responsibilities, with our new release, we are pleased to introduce an improved item progress calculation that enhances efficiency in your work. The "Simplified" calculation now considers all items, not just the item’s direct children, providing a more accurate picture of all items and their descendants, ensuring greater precision in tracking actual progress. This enhancement contributes to informed decision-making and increased efficiency in managing the complexities of the product lifecycle.

Numerical progress calculation

Up until now, has facilitated progress tracking through the "Simplified" calculation, primarily based on items' completion status. Recognizing the diverse nature of measuring items and group progress, we are pleased to announce a significant enhancement in our latest release: the introduction of the "Numerical" calculation method. This advanced approach empowers product managers by enabling them to select numerical fields such as Story Points or Impact to precisely measure progress. In contrast to a simplistic item count, the "Numerical" method assigns specific weights to each item, considering all item children, including indirect descendants. This refined calculation provides a more accurate and nuanced evaluation, offering product managers greater flexibility and precision in their product lifecycle management.

To utilize the "Numerical" calculation method, navigate to the view settings dialog, where you can seamlessly select the "Numerical" method. Subsequently, choose the specific Numerical field you wish to calculate by, which can include any numerical custom field. It's important to note that the selected calculation method will be applied uniformly to both group and item progress in the designated view.

Group Progress calculation enhancements

As we enhance our progress calculation, we've elevated the group progress settings to allow greater visibility of group progress in Table, Kanban, and Swimlane views. Open the view settings and enable the 'Present group progress bar' toggle to visualize the group's progress. Additionally, you can specify whether the group progress should consider all group items or only the filtered-in items displayed in the current view. Please note that these settings apply exclusively to the current view providing valuable control over your progress tracking preferences.

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