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Table Value Summation & Average

Release Notes 15/01/2014

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Key Takeaways

Table number & formula columns summation’s table feature offers unparalleled capabilities, empowering users to effortlessly manipulate and analyze data according to their preferences. In this latest release, we have elevated our table functionalities to provide an enhanced experience, enabling seamless aggregation of group table columns for a deeper understanding of numerical values within your data. For example, effortlessly calculate the total story points invested in each sprint or gauge the collective effort dedicated to an epic by summing its constituent items. With a simple click on a number or formula-based table column header and selecting “Sum Values,” you instantly receive the comprehensive total of that column, unlocking the ability to derive meaningful conclusions from your data. Removing a sum is as simple as clicking on the table header and selecting the "Unsum" action, giving you complete control and flexibility in your data analysis and decision-making processes to derive actionable insights from your data.

Table number & formula columns average

If you found summing up column values handy, get ready for the next step! We're pleased to introduce column average. Alongside summing, this enhancement provides a valuable addition for our product managers, offering deeper insights into data analysis and enabling more informed decision-making. For instance, you wish to assess the average story points per sprint. Calculating the column average effortlessly reveals the team's sprint performance over time. To calculate a column average, simply hover over the column sum indication. Click the arrow, and you'll find a dropdown menu. Select the 'average' option. Instantly, the column average will appear in the total column indication, offering valuable insights into numerical trends within your data. Returning to column summation is just as easy. Revisit the table average indication arrow and select the 'sum' option from the dropdown menu.

Collapse & Expand table groups & items

Until now, you could manually collapse & expand table groups in the table view. In this release, we've enhanced our table capabilities, now allowing you to effortlessly Collapse & Expand all table groups! The table header now features a versatile controller that dynamically changes functionality with each click:

  • Collapse all: Condenses all groups, providing a clear overview of your group data.

  • Expand all: Opens all groups showing the high-level items, aiding in quick data exploration.

This enhancement empowers you to customize your table view to match your needs precisely, eliminating the need for manually expanding or collapsing individual groups. Enjoy a more streamlined and efficient table management experience within

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