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Updated over a week ago introduces an essential advancement in feedback management tailored for the dynamic landscape of large enterprises. We are pleased to announce the support for Multi-feedback portal ownership by the account’s administrators. This strategic enhancement directly addresses the challenges that administrators encountered in the past, particularly when managing multiple feedback portals, each intricately tied to a distinct workspace representing various product units or business lines.

Key Takeaways

Addressing past challenges

The term "Multi-Feedback Portal ownership" refers to the capability of a single user, often an account admin, to own and manage several feedback portals within Before this enhancement, the restriction of one portal per person created complexity, especially in scenarios where an admin oversees multiple workspaces tied to distinct business units.

Unlocking multi-Feedback Portal ownership's latest feature, Multi-feedback Portal ownership, empowers account administrators to own and manage several feedback portals within the platform, without the need to delegate it to other stakeholders in the organization. This significant update addresses past challenges that are relevant for facilitating effortless business unit management and workspace-centric customization. Enterprises can now tailor feedback collection to the specific goals and projects of individual business units, linking dedicated portals to each workspace within the organization. This unified solution enhances overall feedback management for large enterprises, providing administrators with the flexibility they need to drive success across diverse teams and projects.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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