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Timeline Swimlanes Improved Visualization
Timeline Swimlanes Improved Visualization

Release Notes 18/12/2023

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Key Takeaways

Enhanced Timeline Swimlanes Visualization’s timeline view is an incredible tool, enabling you to place your working items on a timeline for time-based roadmaps, where you can decide and communicate on the precise timing and coordination with development. In this release, we're thrilled to introduce our enhanced Timeline Swimlane visualization. Recognizing the demand for a more visually appealing and space-efficient timeline view, we've revamped the timeline groups into a "Swimlane" layout. This updated appearance presents a cleaner and more organized display, reducing unnecessary vertical scrolling while ensuring precise alignment of items within their respective groups. Hovering over a Swimlane allows you to click the three-dots menu, enabling you to modify its color. Additionally, clicking on the calendar when grouping by sprint/quarter will allow you to modify lane dates or align items to lane dates.

Default Swimlane Colors

With our latest release, Craft introduces Default Lane Colors to refine the timeline view, offering a more vibrant and organized display. Now, groups such as Release, Status, Team, Team Members, and Importance will showcase distinct colors, instantly enhancing visualization. Additionally, users can modify group colors by clicking on the three dots within the Swimlane. Furthermore, new lanes seamlessly adopt default colors, ensuring an enhanced appearance throughout the view. Enjoy the improved visual clarity and efficiency when using and sharing Craft's timeline view!

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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