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Release Notes - 30/11/23

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Key Takeaways

  • Rank-based sorting - Stack rank your items with a simple drag & drop

Rank-based Sorting allows you to create various views, such as tables, kanban, and swimlanes, to help you organize and analyze your product data. Today, we're adding a new sorting option - Rank.

Rank sorting allows you to easily stack rank your items with a simple drag & drop - simply select “Rank” in the Sort By controller, and start sorting your items with drag and drop. Please note that the rank is a global sorting option, meaning that all your items, regardless of type, are ordered together in one comprehensive list: when you change the order of two items using drag-and-drop, the order updates within your current view and affects the global ranking of your item list. This ensures consistency across all views that apply the stack rank ordering.

Stack ranking in has diverse applications. Whether you need to prioritize tasks, determine the order of development, or gain a clearer view of your roadmaps, stack ranking can do the job for you.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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