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Billing portal: Access and manage your account’s billing
Billing portal: Access and manage your account’s billing
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Updated over a week ago is excited to introduce a new feature that allows customers with Starter and Pro packages, who pay for via credit card, to seamlessly access and manage their billing information. With this feature, account owners can conveniently manage their billing-related tasks directly from their account settings.

We have added a dedicated "Billing" section in your account settings, making it easier than ever to handle your billing needs. Account owners can now click on the "Manage your billing" button to access their account page on our billing service provider.

Key Benefits:

Modify Payment Method: Easily update and manage your payment method to ensure uninterrupted service and smooth transactions.

View and Download Invoices: Access your invoices effortlessly, view detailed billing information, and download invoices for your records or expense tracking.

View Plan and Expiration Date: Stay informed about your current plan and its expiration date for effective subscription management.

View and Manage Billing and Shipping Information: Keep your billing and shipping information up-to-date, ensuring accurate billing.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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