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October 2023 Release Notes and Slack integration for feedback submission (Beta) and Slack integration for feedback submission (Beta)
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We are excited to introduce a seamless integration between and Slack, designed to enhance your feedback gathering and product management experience! This integration bridges the gap between your Slack workspace and's Feedback Portal, allowing for effortless feedback submission and management.

Key Takeaways

Connect with your Slack workspace makes it effortless to bridge the gap between your Slack workspaces and the Feedback Portal. In just a few simple steps, users can establish connections by navigating to the Feedback Portal settings, accessing the Integration section, and following the intuitive instructions provided by Slack services. With the flexibility to add multiple connections to the same Feedback Portal, you can easily collect and manage feedback from multiple Slack workspaces, streamlining the feedback submission process across your organization.

After successfully connecting your feedback portal to your Slack workspace, you will have the ability to view the app within your Slack Apps.

Streamline Feedback Submission

With just two clicks, you can share feedback, including new requests, concerns, customer delight, and summaries of customer calls, directly from Slack to This simplifies the process of capturing valuable input from team members and stakeholders who may not always be within the platform. Also, you will receive a confirmation message in Slack when they submit feedback. This message includes essential details about the feedback submission and a direct link to access and track your feedback in the Feedback Portal.

The integration caters to both registered and non-registered users of the Feedback Portal. This ensures that everyone within your organization, regardless of their access, can contribute to the feedback process effortlessly.

We believe that this integration will significantly improve your feedback collection and product management processes, enabling you to prioritize and act on valuable insights effectively. We're committed to enhancing your experience with, and this integration is just the beginning of what's to come.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

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