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Release Notes 27/09/2023

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Key Takeaways

Fully Customizable Default Views

Until now, our default navigation views (e.g., Product Backlog, Prioritization, etc.) have remained static and non-editable, restricting your ability to customize your workspace according to your specific requirements. Thanks to your feedback, we are excited to introduce a navigation enhancement in this release. We will be replacing the existing default views with new default views that are fully customizable and can be edited and removed, much like any other workspace view (customized and removed by admins only). This change will provide you with complete control over your navigation experience, allowing you to efficiently organize and access information in a manner that aligns with your unique preferences and workflow.

Old default views transition

As part of our efforts to enhance the navigation experience and replace the old default views with new and improved ones, we are taking steps to ensure a seamless transition. We will relocate the old default views under the "Personal Views" section. Importantly, this transition will not impact your existing data, preserving your ongoing work experience. Additionally, you will have the option to delete these views according to your preferences.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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