G-suite Integration

Release Notes 11/09/2023

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Key Takeaways

  • Google Slides - Preview your presentations without leaving Craft.io

  • Google Docs - Preview your documents without leaving Craft.io

  • Google Sheets - Preview your spreadsheets without leaving Craft.io

G-suite Integration

In product management, presentations and documentation play a vital part of the product process. With this release, we're excited to introduce G-Suite integration, a feature that revolutionizes how you work. Now, when you add a link to a Google Slide, Google Docs, or Google Sheets within your item, an embedded iframe will appear below, granting you the power to preview these documents right within Craft.io. For a better visual experience, The iframe can be expanded from the item itself and the table view for a better visual experience, This seamless experience eliminates disruptions, streamlines your workflow, and ultimately empowers you to be more efficient and effective in your product management journey. To embed a Google document simply click on the share button, publish to web and generate a link to insert to craft.io.

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