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Workflow Enhancements

Release Notes 05/09/23

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Key Takeaways

Workspace Item Transfers: Preserve Feedback Reference

Until now, when moving or copying items between workspaces, crucial information such as references to connected feedback items was lost. In this release, we are introducing a substantial improvement. When an item is moved or copied between workspaces, it will now retain references to the feedback items it was connected to in its previous location. The item's description will feature a dedicated section listing these feedback items, complete with hyperlinks to the original feedback for quick access. Moreover, for copied items, additional information about the source item and the date of copying will be provided, ensuring full transparency. This enhancement streamlines the process of transferring items between workspaces, enhances collaboration, and facilitates better knowledge retention.

Swimlanes-sensitive bulk actions bar

The bulk capabilities in are a highly effective tool that gives users the ability to make updates, apply values, and perform actions on multiple items at once. The bulk actions bar provides a quick and easy way to perform the most common actions on your working items, With our latest release, the bulk actions bar is now swimlane-sensitive, the bar will adjust to display the most relevant action for the swimlanes you are currently in, making your work much more efficient. For example, when Swimlanes by “Sprint”, you can easily move items between different sprints using the bulk actions bar.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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