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Release Notes 05/09/23

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Key Takeaways

  • Create Epics from Portfolio - Effortlessly create Epics (3 dots item) within your portfolio, aligning them with relevant workspaces and products, enabling seamless top-bottom planning.

  • Create Initiatives from Workspace - Generate Initiatives (4 dots item) in workspaces, driving bottom-up planning that resonates throughout your portfolio and associated workspaces.

Create Epics from Portfolio

In the past, our workflow for creating Epics was confined to workspaces. In this release, you can break free from those limitations as we introduce the capability to create Epics directly within Portfolio Management, empowering your organization to manage and plan items from the top-down. This enhancement significantly improves collaboration, streamlines workflows, and enhances strategic alignment. To create an Epic, simply click the "Create" button in the right corner of the top navigation bar, choose the appropriate workspace and product for your Epic, and begin drafting the specifications. Managing your Epics is made even more convenient with options to duplicate or delete them directly in Portfolio Management. Additionally, when organizing by hierarchy (Epic) and grouping by workspace, product, or initiative, you can also create Epics directly from table, kanban, and swimlanes views for a more flexible workflow.

Create Initiatives from Portfolio

Until now, Initiatives could only be generated through Portfolio Management. With this release, you can now create Initiatives directly from within workspaces, eliminating the need for context switching and allowing for a more bottom-up approach to planning. Save time and empower you to propose and manage your Initiatives. To create an Initiative, simply click the "Create" button in the top corner of the right navigation bar. Please note: Initiative creation is only possible for members with portfolio management permissions.

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