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Kanban & Swimlanes Cards Customization
Kanban & Swimlanes Cards Customization

Release Notes 28/08/2023

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We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing enhancement – Kanban & Swimlane card customization. We understand that your workflows are unique, and that's why we've brought you the power to customize your cards like never before. You can now tailor your cards to seamlessly align with various scenarios and purposes. This feature not only enhances your workspace's flexibility but also transforms the way you collaborate and visualize information.

Key Takeaways

Tailor Your Card Information

In the past, kanban & Swimlane cards came with fixed system fields, giving you little control over what you could show or hide. Now, in this new release, you have the ability to easily customize your Kanban & Swimlane cards. This means you can decide exactly what information you want to see and visualize on each card. You can choose from various types of fields, such as:

  • Number

  • Single-Selection

  • Multi-Selection

  • Date

  • Team Member

  • Formula

  • Link

  • Text Single-line

The fields are not only visual but also fully editable!

To tailor your cards to your preferences, open the Layout dialog, and select the fields you'd like to display. Keep in mind that once the card is full and has no more space, adding additional fields won't be possible. However, if you want to change things around, you can uncheck some fields and add new ones instead.

Versatile Cards for Diverse Use Cases

With the new card customization feature, you now have the ability to create diverse views to match various use cases. This can be achieved by handpicking a distinct set of fields for each view. For instance, imagine creating a strategic view tailored for sharing with stakeholders, by adding strategic fields to your cards, you can provide them with the specific insights they require. On the other hand, you can select prioritization fields to effectively plan your releases. Additionally, you can customize your Kanban/Swimlane roadmap to showcase customer-relevant information, ensuring that you're communicating precisely what matters to them. These are only a few examples of the variety of views you can now produce.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

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