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Improved Table View

Release Notes 12/06/2023

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Key Takeaways

Improved Table View's Table view lets you visualize your working items and slice and dice your product structure as you see fit. In this release we are thrilled to introduce our new and improved Table view: we dramatically boosted its performance and its loading time. Ensuring a seamless user experience and a superior way to present and analyze your product information with's Table view.

Collapse & Expand Table Groups's Product Backlog view allows you to view your product backlog in an organized manner, simplifying hierarchy exploration. In this release, users can now collapse and expand table groups and parent items, providing a better understanding of hierarchy relationships and facilitating efficient drill-down into relevant groups. To collapse or expand a group, simply click on the arrow icon.

Pin Table Column

The table enhances the user experience and streamlines data navigation. In the past, when dealing with a large number of columns, scrolling to the right would cause the item title to be out of view, resulting in a loss of context for the values. In this release, we have implemented a new feature that addresses this issue by allowing users to "Pin" the first column (Item Title), ensuring it remains visible even while scrolling horizontally. Enhancing visual clarity and reducing clutter, the group headers now display a Pin icon. By clicking on this icon, the column will be fixed to the left side of the table, allowing users to maintain context as they navigate through the data. If at any point users wish to unpin the column, they can simply hover over the Pinned icon and select the appropriate option. This seamless functionality ensures smooth scrolling and a familiar user experience.

Creation Of New Groups in Table

The table view allows you to create detailed views and slice and dice them to track your working items across different stages of the product lifecycle. Today, we have improved the usability of the Table view, by allowing us to add new values for the presented groups from the view itself - simply click the newly “+ group” button at the bottom of the table. For example, this is useful if you are using the Table view to organize your sprints (hence you group by sprint), and you want to quickly create a new sprint to your workspace.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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