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Improved Feedback Management

Release Notes 05/06/2023

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At, we are dedicated to continuously improving our Feedback Portal offering and actively listening to our valued customers. Your feedback is instrumental in shaping our product, and we are thrilled to introduce a range of enhancements based on your input. In this release, we have focused on refining the user experience, streamlining workflows, and implementing features requested by our customers.

  • Copy Feedback Item ID and Link with Ease - The feedback items will now prominently display the feedback item ID on each feedback card. With this update, you can now easily copy the feedback link to your clipboard directly from the main page.

  • Consistent Feedback Item Experience - We have aligned the feedback item details page with the main feedback page surfacing the promote item action. Now, the detailed page presents a consistent experience and behavior with the main feedback page by displaying connected items, labels, and attachments in a consistent manner.

  • Entity Counter in FP Settings - We've added dynamic counters next to table titles in key sections such as the company list, feedback fields, and labels, now you have real-time information on the number of entities listed, enabling better tracking and evaluation.

  • Restricting Category Creation Permissions for Improved Control - We have refined the permissions system to restrict category creation to specific roles (Company user & Contributor). This change ensures that category creation is limited to designated users, allowing for better management and governance of the category structure.

  • Enhanced Feedback Counter for Accurate Visibility - The feedback counter now provides an accurate count based on the specific permissions granted, ensuring a clear representation of the feedback items available to each user and company.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

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