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Improved Navigation Categories & Experience
Improved Navigation Categories & Experience

Release Notes 15/05/2023

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Key Takeaways

Improved Navigation Categories

At, we are dedicated to constantly enhancing our product and delivering an exceptional experience to our users. Our left navigation plays a crucial role in conveying the accurate product process and providing a structure for your views and daily tasks. We are excited to unveil our latest release, featuring an improved navigation. By conducting usability sessions and exploring several solutions, we have developed a new and enhanced navigation experience that is tailored to simplify your workflow and maintain the organization of your views.

Navigation Categories have been renamed and reordered:

  • “Strategic Inputs” has been renamed “Strategy” and moved out of the left navigation “Strategy” category to a new location in the top navigation bar, now strategy is accessible to everyone and taken out of the everyday product process.

  • "Portal" has been moved right to "Strategy" to keep all your product insights close together.

  • “Discover” category has been removed from the left navigation, Feedback Portal can be accessed from the top navigation bar. Any workspace views saved under the “Discover” category will be moved to “Backlog” category.

  • Other categories have been renamed:

    • Define -> Backlog

    • Plan -> Planning

    • Strategy -> Roadmap

    • Track -> Delivery

  • We removed the "Release Summary" & "Story Mapping" default views from the left navigation. You can add the views from the "Guru Views” library.

Add New Workspace Views Directly from Navigation Categories

Up until now adding a workspace view to a category was a tedious process. To enhance and streamline the left navigation experience, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to add workspace views directly from navigation categories. All you have to do is click on the “+” button adjacent to the navigation category and select the desired workspace view. Furthermore, we have made it possible for you to add Guru Views that are pertinent to the category context with just a click of a button. These Guru Views have been filtered to align with the purpose of the category.

Edit View Names and Categories from Navigation

In the past, altering a view description or relocating a workspace view to a different category necessitated saving it as a new workspace view. Now, you can easily edit the view name, description, and category from the navigation itself. All you need to do is hover over the workspace view, click on the three dots, and select "Edit View" to access the view dialog and make the desired changes to the name, description, and category by selecting a different category to move it to. Ability to edit view name and description applies to Personal Views as well.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

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