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Release Notes 31.03.23

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Key Takeaways

  • Integrations auto sync - Changes to the items in can be automatically synced with development tools

Integrations auto sync

With's integration with software development tools, users can plan work in, write specs, prioritize, plan sprints (iterations) and sync them to the dev tool for engineering teams to pick up.

Until now, changes done to the items in had to be manually synced back with the dev tool.

This approach is great when not all the changes in need to be immediately reflected in the dev tool, for example, sending an item for t-shirt size estimation by the engineering teams while working on refining the specs. In other cases, not syncing the latest changes may result in some sync mismatches between and the dev tool.

In this release we added an Auto sync option for Jira and Azure Devops integrations.

With's new auto sync feature, you can choose to automatically sync your work with your dev tool. This means that the latest changes to synced items are always reflected in both systems. Newly added items to will still not be synced to Jira/ADO, until explicitly synced by the user for the first time.

You can always disable auto sync for specific items by disconnecting them from the dev tool.

To turn it on go to Settings -> Integrations - > Integrations settings

Choose the Auto sync option and save the changes.

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