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Creation of new groups in Kanban & Dependency indication enhancements
Creation of new groups in Kanban & Dependency indication enhancements

Release notes

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Key Takeaways

Creation of new groups in kanban's Kanban view allows you to create beautiful roadmaps and is an excellent way to track your working items across different stages of the product lifecycle. Today, we have improved the usability of the Kanban view, by allowing us to add new values for the presented groups from the view itself - simply click the newly “+ group” button next to the right-most column. For example, this is useful if you are using the Kanban view to build a roadmap (hence you group by releases), and you want to quickly create a new release to your workspace.

Dependency indication enhancement's item dependencies allows you to identify and track your working items and visualize them accordingly. Whether an item is related to, blocks, or is blocked by another item, you can easily create the relationship and make informed decisions. For example, when an item has a blocked-by dependency, the icon is red to indicate the blockage. Until now, the red-color indication did not take into consideration the status of the blocking items. Now, with our latest release, you can easily identify unblocked items! When a blocker item is completed, the dependency icon indication for the blocked item will change its color from red to black, letting you know that you can start working on it.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

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