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Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD Integrations
Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD Integrations

Release Notes 12/02/2023

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Key Takeaways

Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD Integrations

In designers play a vital role in the product process. Up until now, design links such as Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD were added as custom fields of the link type and appeared beneath the item description. However, to view the design, users had to open the link and navigate to an external website. With our latest release, we have made a major improvement to this process. Now, when adding a design link from Figma, Invision, or Adobe XD, an iframe of the design will be embedded below the link, allowing users to preview it directly within The iframe can be expanded from the item itself and the table view for a better visual experience, eliminating the need to leave the platform, and providing a more seamless and efficient design process.

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