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Mapping dates between Craft and Azure DevOps
Mapping dates between Craft and Azure DevOps

Release notes 24/10/2022

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Key Takeaways

Mapping dates between and Azure DevOps

With's integration with Azure DevOps, users can plan work in, write specs, prioritize, plan sprints (iterations) and sync them to Azure DevOps for engineering teams to pick up. With 2-way synchronization, product teams can keep track of progress and make adjustments without leaving the platform.

In, work items (Epics, Feature, Bugs, etc..) have a unique default Start and End date field. Using this field, users place work items on a Timeline view and easily align work item dates with sprints and releases.

Workspaces with ADO integration used to keep two sets of dates, one to sync with ADO, and one to display items on a Timeline view. In this release we added the ability to sync’s default date field with ADO. By syncing the dates, you can maintain one source of truth for item dates and effectively utilize's Timeline view.

We added Start date and End date fields on the mapping screen under Primary Fields. You can map them individually to the relevant fields in ADO.

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