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Release note 16/8/22

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Key Takeaways

Quick actions for table view items table view lets you visualize your working items and slice and dice your product structure as you see fit. A specific action for an item type, however, requires opening the item panel to perform more actions like moving to a different parent, attaching a file, adding dependencies, sharing, etc. It is now possible to perform additional actions directly from the table view for a specific item type. Simply hover your mouse over the item icon and click the "3 dots" more actions icon to perform various actions.

View settings allows you to view your products in a variety of views, including Table, Timeline, Swimlane, Kanban, etc. The new "View settings" feature allows you to customize your view in one place, hide or display empty groups, present sort dividers on your kanban and swimlane views, and hide dependencies on your timeline.

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