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Release notes 29/6/22

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Link custom field

In many cases, some of the product data resides in external systems. For example, designers produce designs in design platforms such as Figma or Invision, and provide a link to the product managers and developers. These links are an integral part of the requirements.

Previously, if a link was needed for a requirement, it could be included in the item description or added as a text field. With this release, we have introduced a Link field as a new custom field type. With Link fields, you can associate links with items; in addition, you can show and filter link fields within a table. As of now, you can add design links such as Figma, Invision, and Adobe XD to help your design team participate in the product process; they will appear as an addition to the description field. You can easily create views around your links that show which items already have links associated with them and which don't. You can also map the custom link field to your preferred Dev tools.

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