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Single connection to Jira and Azure DevOps
Single connection to Jira and Azure DevOps

Release notes 15/05/22

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Key Takeaways

Single connection for multiple projects

Integration with software development tools gives users the ability to plan the work in, write specs, plan sprints and sync them to software development tools for the engineering teams to pick it up for work. In this release, we are updating the way approaches the integration with Jira and Azure DevOps. Until now, in order to add a project integration to a workspace, there was a need for a Jira/ADO admin to authenticate each individual project. This approach was somewhat cumbersome as Jira/ADO admins are sometimes hard to find.
This was also true when there was a need to replace the Jira/ADO admin who authorized the integration resulting in additional work as this had to be done for each integrated project individually.

We have separated the integration into two parts in a way that allows workspace owners to integrate with projects without a Jira/ADO admin intervention:

  1. Creating a connection - Creating a connection to a software development tool involving the Jira/ADO admin.

  2. Integrating with a project - once the connection is created, there is no longer need for a Jira/ADO admin to integrate with a project. Workspace admins can add additional project integrations without the need of providing authentication credentials.

This update also allows users to easily change the Jira/ADO admin credentials and expired tokens via the connection settings.

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