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Jira Advanced Roadmaps Integration
Jira Advanced Roadmaps Integration

Release notes 09/05/2022

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Key Takeaways

Jira advanced roadmaps hierarchy

Jira Advanced Roadmaps is a cross-project planning tool designed to plan and track work strategically across multiple teams and projects. One key feature of Advanced Roadmaps is the ability to add extra hierarchy levels above epic. You can use these extra levels to track your organization’s larger initiatives or group cross-functional deliverables under broad organizational objectives. now identifies Advanced Roadmaps extra hierarchy levels and allows to map and sync them with items.

Jira Advanced Roadmaps team field

Teams are another Advanced Roadmaps feature. Advanced Roadmaps teams differ from the standard teams in a way that they can be assigned as labels to jira issues designating which team will eventually pick up the work. We have added the Team field to the Jira integration with Enable it in the integration’s ‘Field and Item types’ mapping screen. This gives users the ability to assign Advanced Roadmaps teams to Jira issues and track teams progress directly in

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