Using the Swimlanes View

Create a multi-dimension view that allows you to manage items in a coherent and accessible way

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One of's greatest strengths is its ability to display product data from different angles and perspectives by utilizing various view types, groupings, and filters. As a result of the wide range of possible customizations, product managers can create a variety of views, such as roadmap views, prioritization views, etc.

With Swimlanes View, you can easily view and order your items in two dimensions.

Swimlanes examples

We gathered here examples of the most commonly used Swimlanes views-

  1. Product Swimlanes Roadmap- create an easy-to-digest Roadmap, by setting the first dimension to quarters, and the second dimension to Product. This way, it is clear to see which items will be developed for each product.

  2. Teams Swimlanes Roadmap- Evaluate the team's workload and bandwidth by setting the first dimension to quarters, and the second dimension to teams. You will be able to easily display which items are planned for each team, per quarter.

  3. Business objectives Swimlanes Roadmap- Statuses

Sort Dividers

You can set a third dimension in the Swimlanes View, which can add even more context when reading the view. Under the 'sort & divide' controller, switching on the 'sort dividers' toggle will add a sub-title for a group of items that share the same 'sort' property. For example, sorting the view by Importance and switching on the Sort Dividers will group items by their importance, within a given Swimlane.

Swimlanes color coding

The view can be even clearer by coloring the Swimlanes, providing visual distinction between Swimlanes. Click the three dots next to the Swimlane title and color the specific group accordingly.

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