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Jira dependencies & Team managed projects
Jira dependencies & Team managed projects

Release notes- 22/03/22

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Key Takeaways

Sync dependencies with Jira

Dependencies between items, especially of cross-functional teams, play a significant role during prioritization, planning and development of new capabilities. In this release we’ve added 2-Way synchronization of dependencies with Jira issue links. dependencies are automatically mapped and synced to Jira’s “blocks”, “is blocked by” and “related” issue link types.

Integration with Jira Team Managed projects

Jira’s Team Managed Projects, previously known as Next-Gen projects, are essentially very similar to Company Managed Projects with subtle differences between the two. Team Managed projects intended to empower the team to decide and implement their changes without requiring help from the Jira Administrator. In this release we added full support integrating with Jira Team Managed projects, in addition to the already existing Company Managed project integration support.

Sync individual sub-features's workspace follows the hierarchy of Product > Epic > Feature > Sub-Feature. Until now, Sub-Features were only synced to Jira and Azure DevOps as part of a parent issue, without the ability to sync them individually. This behavior made working with Sub-Features somewhat cumbersome. In this release we added the ability to sync individual Sub-Features once the parent issue was already synced. As with other item types, you can now sync changes and new items directly from the item panel, table view, and bulk update process.

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