Swimlanes View

Release Notes - 15/02/22

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Key Takeaways

  • Swimlanes view - easily view and order your items in two dimensions

Swimlanes View

One of Craft.io's greatest strengths is its ability to display product data from different angles and perspectives by utilizing various view types, groupings, and filters. As a result of the wide range of possible customizations, product managers can create a variety of views, such as roadmap views, prioritization views, etc.

Today we’ve released an additional view type, the Swimlanes View. With Swimlanes View, you can easily view and order your items in two dimensions. For example, you can create a swimlanes roadmap if you set your first dimension to quarters, and the second dimension to products. Alternatively, if you set the second dimension to teams, you will be able to easily display which items are planned to each team.

Additionally, you can set a third dimension in the Swimlanes View: by using the sort & divide feature, you can further divide each cell to a third dimension.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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